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Genealogy Group

Welcome to the Dayton Liederkranz-Turner Genealogy Group! The purpose of this group is to assist Liederkranz members and non-members in gathering information about their German ancestry through meetings, guest speakers, library research field trips, sharing resources and assistance from others in the group. 
The group meets on the fourth Saturday of the month at the Dayton Liederkranz-Turner Rathskeller (1400 E Fifth St, Dayton OH 45402) across from Stivers High School for the Arts. 
On Saturday, Feb. 24, at 1:00 p.m.,  the second installment of the series "Heimat" will be shown. The years 1929- 1933 will be featured.  "Heimat" was a television series shown in both Germany and in the US. in the 1980's. The movie will be shown upstairs in the Great Hall on the large screen. It is 90 minutes in length.

A reminder to those who have not yet paid their annual dues for the GGG, please send them to the Dayton Liederkranz-Turner, 1400 E. Fifth St., Dayton, Ohio 45402, care of me and marked Genealogy.

A German Genealogy Library is maintained in the Augsburg Stube, located off the Rathskeller of the Dayton Liederkranz-Turner. Members are welcome to use and check out books for personal use. Instructions for Library loan are on the table next to the books.The library is open evenings, the 1st, and 3rd Mondays of the month from 7:30 to 9:30 PM and every Thursday evening from 7:00 to 9:30 PM when there is choir practice.  In addition it can be open by appointment or on the fourth Saturday of the month from 1:30 to 4:00 PM.  An appointment can be scheduled by e mailing Louise Gaertner at
The Library in the Augsburg Stube also contains novels in German and information books on Germany.  It also contains children's books in German especially suited for the tiny ones,  and for Opas, and Omas, who want to give their grand kids an opportunity to experience German.
Please click on the link below to access the list of books available for loan.

For more information on how to join the group or questions, please contact Louise Gaertner at  (937) 434-7999 or

Membership Information

Our annual election of officials is held in November . All officers should be present at this meeting. Voting is to be by members in good standing and will be open to E- mail voting for one calendar week. I would very much like to have individuals of our group respond to me of their willingness to hold office, Chairperson, Co-chair and Recorder. Please attend, as we need your help for planning and smooth functioning of this group.
DLT members
Single $10.00 
Family $15.00 
Non-DLT members
Single $15.00
Family $25.00
After attending one presentation without charge, a fee of five dollars per presentation shall be charged to persons who are not members.

Website Links

The following is a list of websites that might help you in your Genealogy Research:

Discover German Originality
Family Search
Family Search - Where Generations Meet
World Connect Project
Connecting the World One GEDCOM at a Time
Cindi's List
A List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Stephen P. Morse Webpages
One Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse
Castle Garden
America's First Immigration Center
Christoph Stoepel's Homepage
Christoph Stoepel's Homepage (This website is in German)
German Names
Maps for German Genealogy
Interlink Genealogy
Interlink Bookshop and Genealogical Services
Genealogy Unlimited
Genealogy Unlimited - Map Resource
Bayerische Landesbibliothek Online
Atlas des Deutschen Reichs (This website is in German)
Searching for Genealogical Records - includes many links to help with your search.
Tips and materials for starting your search.
Online German Emigration Records, Lists and Indexes
A list of 19th Century emigrants from Nordrhein-Westfalen
Although there is an English tab on this page, unfortunately, it only translates the main webpage. Google Translate is your friend!
But to get the list, go to the bottom of this page and click on the blue link "zum Findbuch."  It will open a great Excel file.
The German-Americana Collection is one of the nation's largest collections of books, pamphlets, documents, journals, newspapers and manuscripts pertaining to German-American history, literature and culture, and is located in the Blegen Library in the Archives and Rare Books Library of the University of Cincinnati. The collection is especially of value to students, scholars and the general public interested in the history, literature and culture of the German-American element. It contains a wealth of information on the German heritage of the Ohio Valley in particular.
Cincinnati Newspaper Obituary Indexes
In these lists, you can see if a person's death notice is in English and German newspapers before 1920.Germans, after coming to Cincinnati, sometimes modified the spelling of their name, especially if it contained an Umlaut or Eszett, so you need to search variations in the spelling. Look for all ways that the name might be spelled, for example -- Bürck, Buerck, Burck, Bürk or Burk. In cases with Umlauts, it may have changed as follows: ä to ae, ö to oe and ü to ue. But, sometimes the Umlaut was just dropped. One example is Dörger from Goldenstedt. One family has used the spelling Doerger since arriving, while descendants of a cousin have used Dorger. The Eszett "ß" may or may not have been changed to "ss".The indexes are split into 130 files. Names starting with A to Ale are in A, names starting with Alf and Aq are in Alf, etc. - 32 lists of German emigration and immigration sites  a wonderful list featuring basic information such as former occupations, towns which no longer exist, Latin expressions used in church records, former terms for illnesses, historical calendars, old terms for weights and money, etc.