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DLT/GBU Family Christmas Party 2-4 p.m.

The Liederkranz and GBU Family Christmas Party is December 17 from 2:00-4:00 p.m  There will be a children’s activity,  Raymonde Rougier will be playing sing-a-long music, we'll have raffles, and a fun time for everyone.  Attendees will be given a small gift bag with a light-up nose or necklace and bell ringer to use when joining in with the music.  There will be raffles consisting of small gifts brought by attendees and several large basket raffles provided by Liederkranz and GBU.  Those bringing a raffle gift will be given a ticket and additional tickets will be available at a nominal charge for both raffle groups.  Santa will be present with a treat for the children.  Families interested in bringing a gift for a family member can place it under the tree, labeled clearly, for Santa to present.  Bring a snack to share with others and drinks will be provided by Liederkranz and GBU.  Come ready for a fun afternoon on Sunday, December 17.