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Schlachtfest, Feb. 4

A Schlachtfest is the German term for the ritual or ceremonial slaughter of an animal, which is often followed by festive meal. Today, it usually refers to the practice in many parts of Germany for a celebration or festival involving the ceremonial slaughter of a pig reared or bought by a private household or an inn for that purpose.
Regular Meal
$15.00 members
$20.00 non-members
$10.00 member child under 10
$15.00 non-member child under 10
Mega Meal $20 members, $25 non-members
(includes serving of liver sausage or blood sausage)

Prepaid Reservations Only to
Kara Getrost
3005 Fairway Dr. Apt. 4, 
Dayton , OH 45409 937-677-0840 
by January 28
Checks payable to Dayton Liederkranz Turner

Roast Pork
Mashed Potatoes
Red cabbage 
Mega meal ($5 extra) includes choice of Leberwurst or Blutwurst